Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites: Paleo Recipes and Blogs

It's Friday and I am linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Friday Favorites.

This week I am sharing my favorite Paleo recipes and blogger that I have find so far on my 11 day journey.

I'm actually pretty proud that I have done this fort 11 days (without a single "cheat") and I even made it through that time of the month when my hormones are crazy! Not a single M&M! It's amazing!

By far my favorite recipe has been this one for Spicy Tuna Cakes! Matt said is was on snazzy restaurant level. Two thumbs up. The sweet potatoes make this recipe just amazing.

Also, these pancakes cured my craving for Ihop! I actually had these for three days (I would say the first day was the best, but still they were good). They tasted like cake...yummm...cake. 

I get most of my recipes from Pinterest. I just search Paleo. I have found one blog that I love more than any other and that is Nom Nom Paleo. 

Everything I have tried from her site has been great! 

Matt already requested this recipe for Super Bowel Sunday. 

I am thinking about these as well! 

I've become kind of obsessed with the Paleo thing, but I feel great. Next week I am going to start adding in some serious exercise since I've got the food thing pretty much down. 

I keep thinking about what Lysa Terkeurst said in her book Made to Crave. Don't say "I can't eat that", say "I don't eat that." 

Well, I don't eat M&M's. 

Oh man - that's big for me! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Menu Plan Monday

So, here it is day 7 of what was my 21 day detox, but is now day 7 of my Paleo diet (click here to see my post Friday about what Paleo is). Things are going GREAT!

I thought I'd start out with telling you what we eat for breakfast (we meaning Matt and I).

Our go-to breakfast during the week are these Omelet Muffins. I made 24 last week then you just toss them in the microwave for a couple of minutes. I pair mine with fruit or fruit and turkey bacon.

There are many different recipes for these. I'd this one and add what ever you want. 

Then, on Saturday, when there is a bit more time we eat Paleo Pancakes. These were yummy!

Now on to this week. 

Remember, You can click on the recipe name for a link to the recipe.

*Now if you happen to be following along closely, you will see I have one repeat from last week. We had an event last night that bumped a dish to Monday night. Don't worry, I took my own food and it all went great!



I got this recipe from my friend, Becky, but this is the closest I could find online. 


This is so Yummy! 

I know what I am eating may not be for everyone, but trust me it all tastes delicious! I hope you have a great week cooking for your family!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Valentine's Decor Craft - Scrap Fabric Balls

Got any fabric scraps laying around? I did and here is what I made with them.

I'd thought it would be fun to take you through the process - a little tutorial if you will. It takes some time and it's a bit messy, but now I have these cute spheres to mix with other colors in the future and my kitchen table will always be decorated!

Here is what you need:
  • Mod Podge - I used Matte because that is what I had already. 
  • Foam balls - I believe mine were 3 inches in diameter. 
  • a foam paint brush
  • a blow dryer (not shown)
  • scrap fabric cut into squares - the smaller the diameter of your sphere, the small you should cut the fabric, but really there is no science to this. I used this much fabric for one 3 inch ball and had some left. 


If you have not used Mod Podge or have not "Decoupaged" let me tell you a few things. First, it is a paint, layer, paint sort of craft (read more below). Also, your fingers are going to get sticky - hardly any way around that. THERE IS NO PATTERN - don't get hung up on "should I turn this this way" or "put this here" - just create!

First Step

Cover a section of you ball with modpodge.

Second Step

Press on the fabric. I like to press it down well especially on your corners.

Third Step

Paint more modpodge on top of the fabric carefully. Do not brush too hard or you will move the fabric.

And then Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. 

You do not want any of the white foam showing through and you also do want seams - or two pieces of fabric laying next to each other and not overlapping. Make sense?

As you work your way around the ball you will want to constantly hold it or it will stick to you table/paper and cause the fabric to come off. Do not sit it down until it is dry enough (read on - I tell you how to get there).

It should wind up looking like this

Now, on regular projects like this I would tell you to let it sit and dry, but with this I STRONGLY SUGGEST you use you blow dryer to get the piece dry enough that you can sit it on the table without it sticking.

And there you have it - your final product!

oh my goodness is that my finger it that picture? Yes! wow - professional, huh?

I hope you enjoy making these. I know I am looking forward to making some with the egg shaped foam I found!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites: Lisa Leonard and Paleo

Happy Friday. I am, again today, linking up with Momfessionals to show you some of my favorite things from this week.

My parents were in town last week and on Saturday I got my mom all to myself. We filled the day with junking (antiquing) because it is so our love language. Then we finished the day off at my new favorite place in the North West Houston Area - The Little Eclectic House. I snagged a couple of pictures off their Facebook page to show y'all the inside because as usual I didn't take my camera with me!

{source of picture}

I'm telling y'all I could live in this place. Every single room spoke to me. It's a perfect balance of antiques & boutique with a wonderful vintage vibe happening. And I am happy to say that it was not as expensive as I originally thought - therefore it is my FAVORITE place, but probably not the best place for my littles. I have been following them on Facebook since I heard the pour candles in to vintage tins and in pyrex!

{source of picture}

I adore these and they are so on my wish list if anyone needs to buy me anything.

Anyway, I found this awesome necklace by one of my favorite people, Lisa Leonard, there.

I am a huge fan of Lisa's, but I had never seen this design before. I am thinking this is part of her retail line. It's perfect for layering and looks good with a t-shirt. I love it! 

If you are in the North West Houston area I strongly suggest you visit the Little Eclectic House. 
*yes, I'm fully aware that I am being all shady and not saying the actual name of the town they are in. 

On Monday most of my local friends (myself included) started a 21-day Detox where we cut out sugar, dairy and grains - along with other things. This has kind of morphed in me starting a paleo diet. Here's a crash course. 
It's been great. I love the recipes I've been able to find. I even shared the link to them on my Menu Plan Monday Post.  And I've been annoying everyone on Facebook and Instagram with pictures of my food:

I do have to admit that today I am having the worst craving for a big 'ole plate of pancakes! I found a Paleo recipe for pancakes that will be on my blog Monday because I am trying them tomorrow!

And last, but never least, look what arrived in my mail box yesterday!

I really, really wish I could start reading it right now, but I am in the middle of Kasey VanNorman's book, Raw Faith, but this one is next inline. I love Sophie and I adored her last book. You should go visit her blog if you don't "know" her yet:

So, there you have it! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pinterest Inspired Valentine's Decor

Well, it's less than a month from the day of love and chocolate!

Earlier this month I took a gift card from my sister to Michael's and decided that I was going to create our decorations this year (well most of them).

I knew I wanted to something like this:

So, I bought a large canvas (they were half off at the time!) and some painters tape. I have an unhealthy amount of paint in my stash (crafters have to craft). 

Before I put the tape on the canvas I painted the entire thing white and let it dry. Then, on a unseasonably beautiful day in Houston they started painting. Of course we had our yucky clothes on - except Morgan's jeans I didn't even think that girl would paint her only pair of jeans - oh well I should have known. 

I wanted all three involved, but I did have to remind Shelby to let her sisters paint some too. She also helped to smooth everything out so we just wouldn't have pink. 

There was some pretty serious creating going on - Morgan refused to any color, but pink and Bekah loved red. 

I let it dry overnight, removed the tape and we say in our house "Ta-da!" art work! 

It is now a perfect addition to my mantel. 

Just so you know the bird isn't part of my normal decor. I had to save him from a untimely death and the mantel was my only safe spot. 

Have many other ideas and to-do projects on my Valentin's Day Board. Find it here:

Monday, January 19, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: 7 out of 21 Day Detox

Today is the day that I (along with many of my friends) begin a 21 day detox. We did this last year as well - I believe I made it halfway through. This year (for my body's sake) I'm hoping to  last longer than 21 days.

So, here is what my family is eating for dinner this week. I absolutely love these recipes even when I am not "detoxing".

You can click on the recipe name for a link to the recipe.







*I remove the cheese from this recipe*

So as you can tell we are eating no grains/breads, no cheese, no dairy and no sugar. Don't worry, we will be fine, but if you'd like to pray for us that would be great. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday! Today I am linking up my Friday Favorites with Andrea over at Momfessionals! 

Something that has become a favorite thing for me to create and sew are Princess Dresses!

First I started with Rapunzel!

Then Cinderella!

Bekah's most recent request was Aurora (which she pronounces a A-Bore-A). So, I bought some fabric and grabbed a doll.

It was a little difficult figuring out how to make the white collar, but here is the end result:
It's cold in Houston, so tights were quickly added to this outfit. On a scale of happy to very happy Bekah said this makes her "Berry Happy" then quickly requested an Ariel dress.

I am also very pleases with what my craft room is turning into. Shelby and I did some re-arranging alast week. I know have room to cut and sew and store all of my Thirty-One products.

It still needs some more organizing, but it's working for me so far.

Last week I found my new favorite app though I believe I'm a bit behind on this one. Have you heard of Timehop? It pulls from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Mine goes back five years and each day I get a run down for what I posted one, two, even five years ago.

It helps to me remember things likes this:
Unfortunately, it also reminds me of my typos that I had years earlier, can you see it on the next picture?

Yep, I love that fuzzy "hamper." Ha! And oh Duke...that dog was crazy.

I am also happy to report that my father got a clean bill of health from MD Anderson yesterday. Another year cancer free!